Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Worcester Roots Project 2010

This is a fantastic Video of teens doing great things to help Mother Earth.
Help these teens by donating to their cause!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comedy For A Cause

Join Zoe Village and the Emerson Theater Collaborative for an evening of Comedy, Theater and fun on October 21, 2010 at the Bean and Leaf in New London CT

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gray Matters Coming to Mystic CT in August

Emerson Theatre Collaborative Announces Connecticut Production of Gray Matters

July 9, 2010, Mystic CT…Emerson Theatre Collaborative (ETC) announces the production of Jacques Lamarre’s Gray Matters, direct from its New York premiere engagement at the New York Midtown International Theatre Festival in July 2010.  Gray Matters, produced by ETC’s Camilla Ross, is a topical new comedy that focuses on what happens to an uninsured, unemployed actor when she loses her memory. The New York City cast will appear in performances from August 6th - August 8th at the Mystic Arts Center, 9 Water Street in Mystic, CT.  This production will make its debut under the direction of ETC veteran director Joshua Lee Ramos and will feature professional Actors Equity Association members Jen Anaya, Kathryn Kates, Steve Sherman and April Woodall.   Performance information and tickets for Gray Matters be can be obtained by visiting  Tickets are $20 ($18 for students and seniors).

In the play Gray Matters, we find acclaimed actress Sarah Gray in a predicament familiar to many Americans.  After an emergency hospitalization, she finds herself with no insurance, no job and no prospects.  Worse, she has a faulty memory.  Surrounded by a well-meaning but tough agent and two self-centered young upstarts, Sarah must discover if it is possible for an actor with an Etch-a-Sketch for a brain to get back to what matters.  

Monday, April 12, 2010

Emerson Theater Collaborative - A Show Not to be Missed!

CURRENT PERFOMANCE: Emerson Theater Collaborative Presents:

Chestina Vanessa Poulson

Directed By Andrea Andresakis
Chestina Vanessa Poulson is a dynamic story of a post holocaust family re-settling in a remote corner of the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland. Told in the voice of Chessie, the black woman who comes to work for the Ehrenwald family. This is a portrayal of two cultures-how each experiences and transcends the isolation of race and ethnicity in a segregated environment.
A Spectacular Cast: Camilla Ross as Chessie, Zoe Hartman as Melanie
Our fantastic Choral Ensemble: Aziza Clayton,Kystal A. Livingston, Patricia Riddick, Sandra Walker, Christopher Lee Williams.
Tickets are on sale now at our website: Emerson Theater Collaborative

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Beginnings

Spring is here and the newness of what God offers is ever present. It took me a while to move back into this space. The challenges of taking care of the elderly prove to be a learning experience. As I walk this journey I am reminded constantly that I am not alone.

I have angels that walk with me. They great me with the changes of the season. I am comforted by the thought of knowing that I am being watched and nurtured by the experience of life.

I have begun a new project that will take me to a new level in my learning. The biographical kind of project is exciting. Sharing this with new people and praying daily that it will come together with the vision I see in my head.

During this lenten season I am reminded and thankful for all the blessing I have been given. Even when I felt I was undeserving. God felt otherwise and I am humble by the moment.



Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Winter of the moment

As I sit in my office, I am reminded that for some the winter is  a bitter period. They hide themselves away and become sad, during this season. 
The energy they have during other seasons seems to fade.

There are times when the winter raps itself around you and you feel it.  
I caught myself yesterday,wishing for spring to come. 
Thinking about the tulips and other beautiful flowers that will be coming. 

The colors will be vibrant and beautiful. 
There is a reason and a season for everything. 
Waiting in the winter of the moment is the hardest part.
There is enough warmth in the heart to last the season.
Be still and embrace the moment, for it lasts just a little while.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Teaching and Respecting

The moment you are able to see their need to learn it is really something special.

It requires something special in order to see the needs of your students.

I sometimes find that there are some teachers in the world, that only want to be there because they are paid to be there.

Teaching means respecting the need for the student to learn.

There is something fantastic about being able to give the student the best of your self.

When teaching, do you walk into the classroom with a smile? Are you ready for the questions that they might want to ask?

I am ready willing and able to listen to their thoughts and stories to actively engage them in the process of learning.

I am learning by instructing…. I am learning by their questions…. I am learning by the process…

Three Rivers Community College a place to teach, a place to educate, and a place to learn

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Change is coming... Are you ready?

The change is coming. It cannot be stopped. It is upon us and nothing we do is going to change that.  What we share in this world should be a common bond. How sad it is to not share something so important. The connection to our maker. We are all God's children no matter what continent we live one. There is one supreme being. It is not us.  The unimaginable happened again. our brothers and sisters in Haiti are in need of all the love and strength we can muster. Are you ready to change your priorities and think of another in need? Are you ready to fore go that cup of coffee to put clothes on the backs of those without. I am ready to fore go the unnecessaries to give others in need a chance at survival. Prayer is consistent for me. I am praying always without ceasing. When I sit I am praying. When I am driving I am praying. When I am having a conversation with someone. I am praying for a miracle. Pray with me each day for guidance and strength, for the poor and lame. For those who cannot find a way out. The change is coming...are you ready to a part of it. Change a life and give

Pray for peace, over the earth.