Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Winter of the moment

As I sit in my office, I am reminded that for some the winter is  a bitter period. They hide themselves away and become sad, during this season. 
The energy they have during other seasons seems to fade.

There are times when the winter raps itself around you and you feel it.  
I caught myself yesterday,wishing for spring to come. 
Thinking about the tulips and other beautiful flowers that will be coming. 

The colors will be vibrant and beautiful. 
There is a reason and a season for everything. 
Waiting in the winter of the moment is the hardest part.
There is enough warmth in the heart to last the season.
Be still and embrace the moment, for it lasts just a little while.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Teaching and Respecting

The moment you are able to see their need to learn it is really something special.

It requires something special in order to see the needs of your students.

I sometimes find that there are some teachers in the world, that only want to be there because they are paid to be there.

Teaching means respecting the need for the student to learn.

There is something fantastic about being able to give the student the best of your self.

When teaching, do you walk into the classroom with a smile? Are you ready for the questions that they might want to ask?

I am ready willing and able to listen to their thoughts and stories to actively engage them in the process of learning.

I am learning by instructing…. I am learning by their questions…. I am learning by the process…

Three Rivers Community College a place to teach, a place to educate, and a place to learn