Monday, April 12, 2010

Emerson Theater Collaborative - A Show Not to be Missed!

CURRENT PERFOMANCE: Emerson Theater Collaborative Presents:

Chestina Vanessa Poulson

Directed By Andrea Andresakis
Chestina Vanessa Poulson is a dynamic story of a post holocaust family re-settling in a remote corner of the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland. Told in the voice of Chessie, the black woman who comes to work for the Ehrenwald family. This is a portrayal of two cultures-how each experiences and transcends the isolation of race and ethnicity in a segregated environment.
A Spectacular Cast: Camilla Ross as Chessie, Zoe Hartman as Melanie
Our fantastic Choral Ensemble: Aziza Clayton,Kystal A. Livingston, Patricia Riddick, Sandra Walker, Christopher Lee Williams.
Tickets are on sale now at our website: Emerson Theater Collaborative

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