Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Summer fun is done

Now is the summer of our discontent.......

Okay wrong words and wrong play. However  I suspect that's how some people feel as the summer is coming to an end and fall is upon us. I thankful for a summer of new things and challenges that made my dreams even bigger.

The summer brought me to new heights, as we (ETC.) allowed our summer camp kids to mold us into what they wanted us to be. More caring, more patient and understanding adults. We challenged them or so we thought. They were the ones who were doing the challenging. (Smiling) The King of Beasts;Aesop's fables the musical was one of the most important moments for myself and the kids. (Learning the lessons of life) through the Aesop's fables. How cleaver is that? The best part was that the show was actually for the parents to re-learn the fables. As parents and adults we tend to lose the sight of a child and all of their ways. 

Watching these kids grow and losing myself in the process. Six weeks of sheer fun was has by all who participated. There of course are things I would do different if given the chance, but I would not change the children at all. They were just perfect in every way. 

Our children say some of the most wonderful things...Shareese R, came around with I know what a chicken taste like, but I don't know what it sounds like? This was a response to learning how to be a chicken a production. 

Genesis W, was famous for the simple phrase of  "I didn't do it"...... Genesis We love you! I watched as one of the shyest kids, Manny blossomed into this amazing Tortoise, and loved every moment of it. Shemuel AKA Shemmy came alive as the hare, and brought the character to a new level. Can you imagine a rabbit who moonwalks and sings. (Laughing out Loud) The sheer joy of seeing kids we had from last year come in and become leaders. Was just the most Awesomest! Ever!!!!  The new kids came and just enhance the bond of family so much. Miss Faith Oliver, Daughter of producer Troy Oliver was just extraordinary. She one young lady  I will never forget. Poised and gentle.  I loved every moment of the six weeks.

We came, we laughed, we learned and we gave our all to these children and in turn they gave us their hearts, and unconditional love and excitement. Thank you to all the parents who contributed to the success of the program. We could have done it without you. 

How could we not love these children. I am thankful for each and everyday I got to spend with them. I miss them deeply and I am so glad that I had this moment to share with them.

They made my life brighter with more love than I could ever imagine. 

I am thankful for my staff - who went above and beyond the call of duty, accepting and loving these kids.  Giving them what the needed and not what they wanted. 

Thank you God for all of it. I am a changed woman because of it.