Friday, October 19, 2012

The Problem is What?

Just finished reading a great article from Newsweek about the Stimulus and the reasons it save this country from another depression.  I often ask myself the question. Why is it that so many people refuse the acknowledge the truth not only about the stimulus, but about the decision that our president made regarding it. So you didn't vote for President Obama, big deal.  However the majority did, and they didn't rig an election to do it either. The biggest depression since 1929 was knocking on our door step, - and our president makes a decision to pulls us away from a financial crises - and what happens?  He's classified as the worst president ever.  Why is that?  Is it politics, ignorance or just out right hate?

I would imagine if some (Republican, tea-party or otherwise) politician had a clue about what to do about our issues, they would have stepped up with a sensible, logical and ethical solution to the problem.  After all a few members of the party actually called our president intelligent. Imagine that!

Did it ever occur to anyone in congress to think about the presidents vision for the country?  Of course not! That would mean they would to actually talk to him (not about him) and work with him (not against him) to solve some of the problems.  American can no longer run around the world trying to play superman, and guard against lex Luther, while being blind to the fact that lex Luther is living in the U.S.A.

Instead many of the Republicans would like to continue the Pinky and the Brains mission of taking over the world without the forethought of their consequences. I often suspect that the party felt it's okay to spend 80 billion on an UN-just war, military waste and have the middle class and poor pay for it.

It's somehow okay not to educate our children, and have educational standards that are so far behind that of other countries. Yes, of course it's justified to not feed, clothe or provide the basic resources to the least among us because America is a capitalist society and everyone has the means to dig themselves out of the trenches and make something of themselves. Right? America land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE. Wake up Americans! You are not FREE. You may be able to do somethings other countries can't but you ain't FREE to do whatever you please. That is unless you're a corporation, an top earning - executive, or well... you know I could go on and on.

When our military veterans, are not afforded the proper medical care and treatment after serving I see a problem. when our veterans who have served come home to find their homes had been foreclosed on while serving it's a problem. I don't know about you, but I see these as national deficit issues.  Not the "Deficit" we don't cut the deficit by cutting education, music and the arts. These are the most important avenues in our children's lives. These are proven to enhance the growth of our children. Music helps with math.

For a country that is supposed to be great and rich with resources, we have way to many homeless and hungry people. It's nothing new and it hasn't changed. The only difference is that folks stopped talking about the homeless. Ignoring them is much easier.  One man actually said to me in a discussion, and I quote. " We don't have any homeless." I kindly asked him where he lived. He mentioned a wealthy neighborhood.  I told him come out of your neighborhood and spend sometime in your community and you will see the truth. He huffed, said nothing more and left.  He came from old money. Not that which was earned but passed down from generation to generation.

The sad truth is that America can't even provide a living wage for people to actually live on. Now that would be something, now wouldn't it?  The minimum wage jobs are suppose to be for teenagers who are home living with their parents and learning how to save. It wasn't meant for adults to living on.

What's the problem? The problem is congress!  When our president placed before congress an economic plan that could get the economy moving, create more jobs and get this country moving the right direction they sat on it until election year. Why? So they could make him a ONE - TIME president. Oh! and  to tell the American people "see, we told you." The truth be told is that our congress would actually have to come out and agree that, perhaps his plan does make some sense and that just maybe "OBAMA" as some of them (who lack respect) call him is capable of a whole lot more.

Perhaps that would mean, that they would have to back down on their ignorance, and overly conservative stances on issues that are none of their true concern. The concerns only matter, when it comes to election time, and to secure their pension that they have not earned, because congress was to busy serving themselves and not the American (Less fortunate) people.

President Obama for four years has been given little or no support, for the important measures of the American people he has brought to the table.   Every step of the way our president has fought to protect those who are not able to protect themselves from the wolves who seek to keep them in "Their" place.
Where would we have been without the stimulus?  Republicans would tell you "we" would have been better off without it. Who is the we?  Let's take a big guess. I'll take the off shore account for $1,000,000 or two Alex.

As if you couldn't tell. I am advocate for the less fortunate, elderly and for all those who can't speak their needs.I am advocate for people who have mental-health issues, and can't find the right treatment because their insurance doesn't cover it, or they have to jump through hoops to get the insurance companies to pay for the out of pocket expenses once their deductibles are met. I am an advocate for those who have no insurance. I am an advocate for those who been raped, and or domestically abused, and can't find a way out. Just the same, the haves will never understand the have-nots unless they have walked more than a mile in their shoes.  Yes, the poor come in all shades and ages. Who is speaking for them?

Wait one! News brief coming in (Tele-type message sound incoming)  I heard that the Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, (a and few more) companies share the same bed?  Well...that's what some people say. I'm just say-in! Anyway, I suspect it wouldn't be such a bad thing, if they each had their own transparent blanket and you could tell the difference. (End message)

My concerns are not for those who are part of the deep rooted ignorance, and chose to remain poor   because they don't like our president and won't take what they call a "hand-out" from the government. So what if they have no-teeth, no education and health issues by choice. It's the American way!  Right?

I am fighting for those who have no choice and are dealt hands in life that no one should be dealt.

Some argue that the Democrats are the reason for slavery, the hardships and all the Ill's placed on this country. I disagree.  What many fail to realize is that it's not about a party but a people. If you need place the label there I say this. The Democrats of today are not the Democrats of the (Slavery) and civil war era. The tables have turned. Some would honestly say - The Republicans of today are the Democrats of the (Slavery) and civil war era. The parties have change in the respect of what is important to and for  America and its future.

(Tele-Type message incoming) Warning! Giving an illegal alien a way to stay in the country and feed their family is wrong. What about US? They are taking away our jobs. Really? Not! Our Maids Daughter by Mary Romero is a great read. An American Born issue of servitude. Did they pay taxes or social security for the wages for this this maid? (NO!) That's okay... isn't it? (End Message)

Don't ask Don't tell was repealed (Thank you President Obama!)

Hey(Republicans say) lets get him out of office so we reverse all these things he has done, that don't fit what we want.

Today we live amongst economic, domestic, and other types of  slavery. Some may live in and with more than one. So the problem is what Again?

Signed the concerned 

Zora Neale Hurston and the Elections

As I came to my quiet moment of tonight I glanced past a connection to the election and my zest for Zora and her works. Over several weeks I have been reading the passages of Zora's most famous works. Breathing in each word like it was my last, and finding a sense of wisdom in her words. 

Her journey of being a writer, pushing to find her rhythm and stride. Not caring what others thought of her, but what she thought of herself and her discoveries of being a women in her day. 

It's much like I view our first lady during these times. Being out there and ready to fight for what matters most. Her journey of being and shaping the dreams she has for herself.  I sometimes many women don't put themselves first, and they should. It's nice to she the first lady putting herself first. Being healthy, of body, mind and soul.

One of the quotes that moves me so....

"If you want that good feeling that comes from doing things for other folks then you have to pay for it in abuse and misunderstanding."

Her smile says the world is all mine.

Saying it simply,