Saturday, March 12, 2011

Living In The Wind by Michael Bradford

Emerson Theatre Collaborative Announces Production of Living in the Wind

March 11, 2011, Mystic CT…Emerson Theatre Collaborative (ETC) announces the production of MichaelBradford’s play, Living in the Wind, directed by Theresa Broach and produced by ETC’s Camilla Ross.  The play takes place on a front porch in Georgia and opens in the hot stretch of June. Married as slaves and separated on the night of their marriage, Sarah and Isaiah are reunited after twelve years. They attempt to salvage a past amidst the constant reminders from the dead who are just as real as the living and breathing reminders of Hattie and Vance Williams, who live just down the road. And all of this is done for the sake of possibilities, for the future. At stake is a chance to be whole, to be treated as necessary as the space that one occupies. At stake is the ability to love completely and to have the capacity to be loved.
Performances run from March 11 - March 20, 2011 at the Union Baptist Church in Mystic, CT.  This production will be under the direction of Theresa Broach. Performance information and tickets for Living in the Wind be can be obtained by visiting  Tickets are $25 ($23 for students and seniors).