Monday, March 5, 2012

Changing Spaces Makes Sense

This life keeps bringing things clearer to me on a daily basis. I find myself learning something new, when I least expect it. At times I am temped to keep things on an even keel, but it always comes up different than what I expect. There's something about that, that I like. It feels right.

I am constantly changing spaces, and growing.  My spirit is soaring and I will not anyone to affect that part of me. I keep reaching up and finding the places that God  keeps working on inside of me. I get chills when I discover that moment when he says. "You got that space right... keep working." I remain humbled by his grace and mercy that he has continued to show me. Never leaving me, but instead giving me spaces that keep changing.  Today I found this wonderful saying that expresses my thoughts of the week. As I work this week on my one woman show I am reminded of a new space that needs strengthening and work. Harriet will be ready to reach others with her life's stories and change some lives for the better.


A moment for Whitney

Whitney gurl, it took me a some weeks to internalized life's moments since your passing on to a better life. Your life's passion and mission was extraordinary! I remember when your first album came out, we use to party at Celebrations in Boston to your music. Your voice was like no other. There will always be people who Look To You as an inspiration. I believe your last album touch me more - it touched the real moments of you in so many ways. Walking that dark path back in to the light - gurl I have walked that path and never to return. Yes, holding my up head high and giving thanks for strength my lord and savior. (I Look to you) We will always have you in your music and may you rest in peace knowing that you were good enough, great enough and loved enough by so many. Today we celebrate Bobbie Kristina!