Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Large and in Charge America

I am for ones who want to live in peace and harmony with our global neighbor. I chose not to wage war with others to make us a more large and in charge America. 

America our large and in charge days have long since gone.

American is no longer large and in Charge - Because that went out with our ethics, our pride, our lack of hard work, our lack of helping our neighbors, in helping the common man, woman and child, when the guilty have more rights than the Innocent, when top executives, make 20 times the average work, when executives commit white collar crimes, and get less time, when the poor pay more taxes, than the rich because of capital gains, when our schools lack the best teachers, because there is no money in the budget, when families who raised their children in a community, and now refuse to increase their taxes because their kids are no longer in the school system, Our large and in Charge went way when a corporation can buy an election, When the supreme court said that corporations are people. Our lack of taking responsibility for our actions as people. 

America is no longer large and in charge, and who ever said we had to be. 

How about being being large and in charge of the US in the of USA. Taking care of our own people, feed our hunger, house our homeless, Educate our children so they can compete with themselves at being the very best for themselves and their communities. Providing the very best health care for all people
here in our communities (Not just on Capitol Hill).

How about removing the ignorance from the mouths of fools who claim to be serving the people, yet they serve themselves, with over paid salaries, Tax Cuts that only help the one-percent. 

The Large and in Charge America would celebrates that 47% because they are ones who need it most.

A large and in Charge America would give the power back to the people, and not a Corporation.

A Large and in Charge America, would put our farms back to work of growing, healthy food for people to eat. (No We need more corn for fuel...right?)

A large and in charge America would split the conglomerates up and have some real competition, Remove the banking fees so American's can spend their own money without a fee. (Yes, Let's charge them to use their own money) 

A Large and in Charge America, wouldn't need a "Governor" who needs to get a BINDER FULL OF WOMEN to get the very best women for the job. I Guess he didn't know any women, so he had to ask for a binder to find one. This should tell you all you need to know.

A Large and in Charge America, wouldn't need to have their politicians having off shore accounts to avoid paying taxes on money that they make here in the Good Ole' USA that could be helping to pay some of those taxes that the middle class is paying for.

I am one of those who believes in minding our business, and allowing other to come to their own realizations. Not every country needs to be a democracy. Not every country needs the kinda help we offer. That is a fact!

When a country or a people are ready to rise up they will do so in their own time. Just like America did!

America doesn't have all the answers for the rest of the world, because we don't event have the answers to help ourselves.

A Large and in Charge America would take care of its VETERANS, and not deny them the proper care upon returning from wars. They defended our borders, our shores and our country because that was their duty. They served and gave the ultimate sacrifices, of themselves and their families to protect the freedoms that "we" have. Or are we only free when its suits the powers that be?

If we are "FREE," then we should be free to chose for ourselves, what we do with our bodies, our minds, and our lives. 

We are not a free people, when our politicians are making laws that affect our bodies, minds and our lives. We're all set to rise up and go to war to defend the rights of women and others around the globe, yet we are so un-willing to apply the same rights in the USA. Why is that? What are we afraid of?